Mini Messages

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Two sets of Mini Messages - Jungle Friends with jungle animals and Circus Friends with characters

Mini Messages

Pop over to our Children’s Corner for a fun and lovely present! Goldcrest Gallery Mini Messages sets are an ideal choice for children. They make perfect little party invitations or thank you notes. Their bright colours and engaging designs will encourage children to send a small note to say “thank you”, or to ask some friends over to play for the holidays!

Circus Friends

There are two sets of attractive Mini Messages. ‘Circus Friends‘ features four of the best known characters children love from the Big Top. A slinky grey Sea Lion cleverly balances a bright red ball on his nose. Green and purple circus tents are behind him, and a shower of diamond-shaped spangles floats down. The blue-haired Ballerina is showing off her tightrope skills in the Big Top, surrounded by red, yellow and purple balloons. The jolly Clown jumps for joy in the circus ring, with his delicious ice cream and party streamers. He is performing in a bright red and green tent, with a diamond-patterned arena. Star of the show is Lion, with his golden yellow mane and tail. He enjoys being admired by all the visitors, and has a special red and green striped tent of his own. Purple stars announce that he is ready to enter the ring!

Jungle Friends

Some of children’s favourite animals are waiting in the ‘Jungle Friends‘ Mini Messages set! Jumbo the Elephant waves his trunk as he stands among the flowers and forest branches. Overhead, Monkey swings merrily from branch to branch. He is going to have bananas and grapes for his tea! Parrot is looking her best, perched on a frond of climbing flowers. She spreads out her green wings and fans her pink-tipped tail feathers. Keeping cool near the ferns in the shade, stripy Tiger gives a big smile to say “hello”.

Our Mini Messages sets contain two each, of four attractive designs. The A7 cards are supplied with white envelopes in an eco-cello packet. Letter writing need never be dull with these delightful sets of Mini Messages!